Animation - Die Krabatsage 

Heiko Fritz
Der „Schwarze Müller“ und Krabat

The "Black Miller" and Krabat

The "Black Miller" is a modification of a magic Figure therefore a beyond figure who later turned away from religious culture era to a magician. He also was called "Artist of the black Magic", black, as he stood with his opaque miracle activities contrary to clear religious miracle. The term "Black Miller" arose in this way. It is the contrary concept to a workmanlike miller who protected with the production of white flour the base of life of the occidental mankind. When the people were faced the danger of life–oppressed hunger only a few centuries ago flour had a quite different valuable place then nowadays. The "Black Miller" protected his existence himself by magic art was therefore not dependent on this side events. He could take possession of beyond forces, even if, like the fairy-hero, under certain conditions. In a legend the people are characterized from fear of the beyond forces they meet. They are often conquered by them. That's why legends often show a fail with wonderful events. Legend figures most depend on formerly real existed persons with particular and extraordinary behavior. Therefore with the magic character of Krabat. Its historical background is based on Colonel Johann Schadowitz, living at Groß Särchen at the end of the 17th century. His foreign derivation, he was a Croat, his unsuccessful attempts to convert the people of the evangelical village Groß Särchen to Catholicism and perhaps his benevolence made him prominent. That recalled the following generations to him. In the course of time the recollection to some events with him became legend, written assays to his specific mythical complex resisting successful against magic power in the 19th and 20th century. First of all in the religious dimension, conscious of his Christian foundation and his confession and finally his abjure of the magic art. Later the Krabat-Legend is more and more integrated to the everyday life so that the magic school is developing to the "Black Mill" replacing the black magic by learning charm of love.




Krabat-Filmprimäre in Berlin
Der Krabat aus der Sage


Krabat und der
Schwarze Müller


Kioto grüßt Schwarzkollm